This Chef's Cancer trip

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Hello all!

hope the very best for everyone dealing with this. ive had to go this road alone, being my own advocate, doing my own research and most recently treating myself because there are just no services or advocates, from what ive found. i get so terribly tired, following this crazy diet, pleading w state and gov agencies for help..but in the midst of misery and pain I've found a grace, that generally abides, blunts the pain and restores the spirit. prayer, good vibes, laughter these have been my best meds as my timer runs down..and thats ok. Ive always said "life is good only situations suck" . So put "mellow out" by Nathaniel Ratliff on the speaker, look out the window (if you cant go out) and know, at the very least, that this Chef loves you and is rooting for you..Chef+out..


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    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Music does help. I especially like "River" by Joni Mitchell. I'm trying to stay strong for my family and for a grand-daughter who is so dear to me. Best wishes to you on your journey and know that other people do care. I have had complete strangers that have spoken words of kindness to me. Your friend - Dottie