Cea levels jumped fast.

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Hello my father had surgery for colon cancer chemo and then chemo embolization procedure to one metastasis on liver. He was scanned and all showed cleared then put on remission. Three month follow up was last week and CEA jumped from 10 to a 400. He will have his petscan Friday. Has anyone experienced this before hoping for the best.. thanks you all.


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    Good luck with your PET/CT.

    My CEA is over 1200 now. And I will also have PET/CT next week. My CEA has been rising in the past year, and I had a PET scan nearly every three months. every time it came back negative. I'm confused and worried. But my doctor told me not to let CEA bother me. Just hope for the best.

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    I'll encourage you to take CEA level with a grain of salt until you have more information. My wife never had a CEA marker above 4 and yet she was stage 4 colon cancer. Conversely, rising CEA can be for a host of factors, not limited to cancer only. To take things even further, she had a PET scan on suspicion of a recurrence and it came back positive - we then went for surgery and the pathology came back negative for cancer - a false positive. Unfortunately cancer is only sometimes a black or white situation. Don't take any part of the testing/diagnostics on its own. It all belongs in a mixture with other tests/scans/diagnostics. Good luck.