Feet nerve pain 2 months after radical nephrectomy

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here. I had a radical nephrectomy 3 months ago after a large tumor was found in one of my kidneys. I had had some nerve pain in my feet before the surgery but it disappeared in a few days on it's own. Now it's back and getting way worse, to the point I barely can walk. I have a scan in a few days and will tell about this to my doctor but wanted to know if anyone has had this as well. I've read it's common after cancer treatment (which I haven't had) and it may also happen with kidney disease. Can this be a sign of a recurrence or metastasis?


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    Are you diabetic? That can cause it, or several other things can cause it. Go ahead and mention it to your surgeon, but definitely tell your primary doctor so you can be tested for all the non-cancer related reasons.

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    Not that I'm aware of. My sugar levels are high within normal range and do have family history of diabetes but I don't think I have it.

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    I had pain in my feet before, and after my neph.

    1. I have gout and allopurinol keeps it under control.
    2. I have diabetic neuropathy. Bad pain comes from goes. They prescribed the medicine starts with GAB. I don’t take the medicine. Trying to save my only kidney left.

    Good luck on you.

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    I have a similar issue. The similarity is that the soles of both my feet hurt when I put pressure on them in walking. The dissimilarity is that large areas of both soles have become hard and at the same time are (painfully) cracking apart. This is entirely new within the past two/three months (since 10/22). I was diagnosed with kidney cancer (8cm. tumor) in my left kidney in November 2022 and had a radical nephrectomy of that kidney in January 2023.

    I am not (and never have been) diabetic. I have never had any prior trouble with my feet, including their soles. I never walk barefoot or without socks. One of the things I'm wondering about is whether one's resistance to infection is affected by the cancer itself, not the means used to attack the cancer.

    My oncologist/urologist has referred me to a dermatologist for the foot problems and I'm waiting for that appointment. If/when the dermatologist connects the cancer with the foot problem (or not), I'll let you know.