New here and so afraid



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    Initial when I went to ER the pain was really excruciating pain presented on the left side I was thinking kidney stone. My tumor was on the right side. The ER Doc told me it was the volume of a soccer ball!!! By then I was crying and asked how the F does that even happen? He called a local gyno-surgeon and got me an appt the next day. Thank God for ER Doc. So I was definitely fast tracked. The Onco said it only took 6 months to grow that large. We think the pain on the left came from the tumor on the right shoving my other organs to the left...thank God for that pain.

    But here's what I learned along the way. There is a process... its maddening.... but there is a process.

    If you have the availability you want to use a group of cancer specialists, or if you are close a Cancer center even better. They are equipped to facilitate the surgery and treatment quickly along because it's all they do. they also have great portals for you to see all you test reports and information blood tests, scans, exam notes etc.

    Most likely after your MRI they may do a PET scan for further's not too bad and will light up any cancer locations.. Sometimes Insurance companies allow them to do it only after the CT and MRI.

    Knowledge is Power.

    Hoping the best for you!

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    You are my hero. I’m scared. But trying to be brave. Thankyou. I hope you are well🙏😊