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I am helping my mother, I'm her caregiver. We cohabit a home together, we have for years. Her journey started this time last year with non small cell carcinoma in her right lung. She underwent radiation for 6 weeks 5 times a week, she also has had chemo and immunotherapy. Then they found uretal cancer and had to remove it and her left kidney. Now they have found squamous cell carcinoma in her left lung and it's growing into her spine. It's been a journey and with all her treatments and appointments I had to leave my job. We're living off her social security and I was just wondering what is out there for resources to help? If anything.


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    That's a lot to deal with and I'm sure she's grateful for your help. Maybe ask the oncologists office if they have a social worker who can help. My family got $500 from our state cancer org. It's not a ton but every little bit helps. A friend of mine also set up a Go Fund Me for us. The financial stress of this is overwhelming. I hope you find some support!