Attending school during and after treatment

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School was difficult to deal with. Side effects were not as well known, in 1980. I was treated just like everyone else. The Prednisone made me uncontrollable at times. So I was listed as having behavioral problems. I ended up in resource classes. This was probably the best thing to happen. It was great. I could learn at my pace. With my parents they just thought I was making things up. Then would yell at me after parent teach conference. They would pretend help me on school work for about a week after. Anytime I said something they didn't like. I got slapped from my stepmom. My home life never improved during school. My dad divorced my 1st step monster. Remarried my 2nd step monster and moved. Help in school went to nothing. I was in junior high at this time. I ran away, back to live with my real mom. I had to repeat a grade to catch up. This was the closest to normal my life would ever be. School was gradually improving. Then my world fell apart. My sister died in a car accident. I was 13 at this time. School wasnt on my mind. My mom moved us to another house in the city. With my sister not able to help me I was lost in school. My mom was busy with work and didn't have time. I finally quit going. My mom kicked me out and I had to live with my grandparents. My grandma ment well but wasn't able to really help on home work. I pretty much gave up on life at this point and tried to kill myself. It sounds worse than it was. Out of the ashes of that mess. I ended up in private school. They allowed learning at your own pace. I managed to do 2 years in 1. Things were going good again. I had help and counseling. Then as I was 2 credits from graduation. The program was shut down. So after all that I got my GED.