UTI after surgery

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Hi, everyone. Sorry I keep coming back to the forum, but it seems to be the only place where I can find reliable information from people who have been in my husband’s shoes…

My husband had an APR about 2 weeks ago, and at first his main inconvenience was some strange leg pain, and the drain (he was prescribed pregabaline, but it hasn’t revolved). But for a couple of days now he has been having a low grade fever in the afternoons, and a burning sensation at the end of urination. His doctor asked for some urine tests, and we are waiting for the results, but I believe (and hope) it’s only a UTI.

Did any of you have that after surgery? Did it resolve with antibiotics only? I’ve been so anxious seeing him feeling so crummy, and not being able to help. I also feel he’s getting a little depressed, even though he won’t say it.

It’s always comforting to find people who have felt the same as him, and are doing a lot better now. He likes it when I read old forum posts to him that discuss something he has been through.

As always, any feedback is appreciated. Hope you all remain safe and healthy.


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    The forum is here for you, to come and go as you please.

    WE are here for you, sometimes not with an answer, but always with support.

    I am sorry to hear about your hubby's problem. I does sound like it could be UTI, and while they are terribly uncomfortable, it is easily fixed with antibiotics, so I hope that all is well soon.

    Until then, try the Cranberry juice route - hubby and I have found that the concentrated juice, diluted with water or juice, is more effective with less sugar. Lots of water, to flush things out, and hopefully, after a course of antibiotics, he will be up and running.

    I'm trying to think back to my early days, and can't remember getting an UTI - which is good, as I seemed to get everything else.

    Hopefully others will be along soon, with more helpful advice.