Sensation of fullness in stomach

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Hello, my 81 year old mother has just recently been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer (5mm tumor) mets to liver and lymph. We are waiting for the first oncology appointment (next Thursday, which feels like forever) and in the meantime I'm concerned about her getting enough calories. She has a good appetite, (meaning food tastes good and she wants to eat) but she says her stomach feels full all the time and when I offer her food she can only eat 3-4 bites before feeling extremely full. I've been serving her smoothies and protein shakes, soup, soft foods. She said it feels like there is a tightness under her ribcage and all over her abdomen. She had been having regular bowel movements and no pain but the last couple of days it has turned to diarrhea. She says it doesn't feel like gas. Does anyone have experience with this symptom? I'm trying to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated, but water is also making her feel full. I'm trying to avoid her ending up in the hospital before her oncology appointment. Any insight or suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thank you :)


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    You might try something like simethicone or baking soda to be sure it is not gas. Something like psyllium or pepto bismol could help with the diarrhea. But you might also look at how anxiety could affect both her and your behavior. It is likely a stressful time. Denser calorie foods could keep her weight up, you might offer her forbidden favorites like ice cream or pie. Ask her how she feels about all of this and what is the best approach. Eight days seems like forever, but it is not that long until her appointment. Best of luck with these challenges.

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    One other thing... I've been offering her anything and everything already (pie, ice cream, etc.) and it all tastes great but doesn't go down after one or two bites. Her abdomen is distended and we went for an ultrasound last Friday - Radiologist said no fluid to drain. But she has gained 4 pounds this week even after eating less than 500 calories a day. That's why I think it isn't gas, because she's gaining weight.

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    I think a trip to the Doctor or hospital might be on the books. Gaining 4 lbs with little food, would be a worrying symptom for me.

    I hate to hear when an older or younger person is diagnosed. It is all so unfair - but Allas, such is life.