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Hello Team,

Can someone give me the information on surgeons that are crazy enough to do the surgery? Some doctors won't even try and I'm seeing ppl with tumors larger than a football having them removed. I need real surgeons' names, California preferably but I will go anywhere.


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    Dr. Callisia N. Clarke, M.D.

    Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin

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    It’s actually very simple. Contact MSKCC. You need to go to a hospital that deals with LMS all the time. You should not be looking for a particular surgeon but a cancer center such as Memorial Sloan Kettering that has a bunch of doctors that are involved in soft tissue sarcomas. I first had LMS back in 2012 and they removed a 10 cm tumor. The guy in the next bed from me had a “watermelon” sized tumor removed according to him. I did have a recurrence I’m 2018 which was caught early and removed. I just found out yesterday that 2 nodules they have been watching in my king have grown and we know what that means. (In case anyone doesn’t know it means it’s cancer). MD Anderson is also a top hospital with this stuff but I have never gone there. Of course this is all my opinion based on things I have learned. Good luck.

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    I just got through ulms and was treated at md anderson in Houston they are amazing.