Jevity 1.5 issues

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My 82 year old grandfather is battling stage 4 and is currently getting Jevity 1.5 through his J tube but he is losing weight. Has anyone tried another option for full nutrition? Dietician thinks he is not absorbing the Jevity. He cannot take anything orally because his obstruction is too big to let anything pass to his intestines.


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    My brother who is 61 years old has stage 4 stomach cancer since April 2020. He did not know and he out in September 2020. While battling cancer he was working and driving a car. After working a double shift at His job he went to th hospital for what he though was a swollen leg and after about 2-3 hours a had to be rushed to the hospital and later determined to be cancer. Today the cancer is in remission.

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    Hey Kandrz :) ask the doctor about Orgain. It was developed by a Dr. who had cancer and was not happy with the options on the market so he created his own. I've got my mom drinking them thankfully. She is also battling Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. I checked their website out of curiosity and the screenshot is what I found suggests it could work so check it out. I do not work for or promote this company just know its a great product all around and felt compelled to reach out to you. If anything try it yourself lol they get me thru my day :) They make a plant protein one also which she drinks the whey was not absorbing well. I've had many protein shakes and these to me are the best! Be blessed and stay strong!

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    This is my first post so it wouldn't let me attach the picture or link. Just search it you'll find it. Happy Thanksgiving ❤️