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Hi have high grade anal dysplasia .. AIN 3… due to HPV 16 19 I do t have anal cancer but thought I would join here to see if anyone can just give me insight if anyone has /was treated for these kinds of lesions and what was your treatment. I had 2 HRA for biopsy but surgeon didn’t really “treat “ the area just cut out the suspicious cells. Praying and hoping o can get treatment to stop the progression of cancer.. Going to see a specialist in my area that deals with this issue as my other surgeon I feel wasn’t “treating the dysplasia..

I am 62 and worried with my age it will be hard to clear this horrid virus!! I eat very clean ,exercise, don’t drink or smoke and am taking AHCC …

Thanks for any guidance or advice and hope all of you battling Anal cancer stay strong and be forever healed!!!


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    ..hopefully you have found my post and my mapped out journey over the last 10 years.

    do share your own treatment journey as it unfolds, as there is much learning to be done and information and experiences best shared to promote that

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    I am a 52 yo male. I had a colonoscopy… biopsy was taken and I have AIN3. The doc did surgery last Wednesday and removed four sizable areas of tissue. I go today to find out the results of the biopsy and determine treatment. The pain is horrible. Hang in there!