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Almost exactly a year ago I was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer. Went to urgent care thinking I might have covid, just feeling blah, and hubby had just finished surgery and chemo for lung cancer. Wanted to make sure I didn't expose him to covid. Sent me to er because I had chest congestion. Had ekg and blood work. Blood work led to ct scan. Abdominal fluid led to me to my primary Dr. My CA-125 was 4019, but what did I know, had never heard of it. Mind you, I had a complete hysterectomy in 1982. By the end of the week I was at gyn oncologist, next day biopsy etc. Now after 4 rounds of chemo, surgery, 4 more chemo - last one on 7-7-22 - now taking rubraca. Could not take 1000mg because of adverse effect on rbc's, platelets. Now taking 500mg and still having minor effect on blood. My ca-125 was never below 39, and has increased each month since last chemo. 46, 98, now 156. I have a Dr appointment 11-21. BTW, I am 79 and otherwise pretty healthy. I never really had any symptoms of cancer and do not know what they would be, if in fact it is back. About 2 weeks ago I started having minor discomfort in overall abdominal area. Like someone used me for a punching bag. Now I am starting to feel a little nausea after eating. Waiting for a call back from Dr, but in meantime found this site and thought I would reach out to other patients. I am not afraid of consequences, just want to know what to expect, so be honest.