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I am 41 years old and they found the tumor in my throat on October 4th. I will admit I am terrified at the thought of chemo and such a major surgery. I have read so many of the topics here and conversations and it does give me hope but also at the same time dread. I do have a wonderful support group, family and friends and so lucky there. But I live alone, like my independence, have always used humor as a way of dealing with things. I guess I'm more terrified of changing in the eyes of others, of being angry and hateful. That I will have to rely so heavily on others and hope they forgive me when things are too difficult. I have more tests this week and meetings next week but the doctor said chemo would likely begin towards the end of November. Not the greatest Christmas ever to come but the stories here do help.


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    Hi Josh,

    I know that the thought of chemotherapy and surgery are daunting. When I had my cancer treatment 12 years ago it was difficult for a few months, but things improve with time, and then life goes on as before with a few minor lifestyle adjustments. You will need some assistance for a short period of time after surgery but most survivors complete chemotherapy and radiation therapy with very little assistance. Some actually continue working through that portion of treatment. Maintaining a positive attitude is key to a quick recovery and positive outcome.

    I would recommend you also post at in the esophageal cancer section. You will find many survivors like yourself there completing treatment.

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    Thank you for the words of encouragement. I go through such a wave of emotions, one minute optimistic and even joking about it, but in private worried of what's to come. It's a go between of trying to work up excitement for the day I might be somewhat in the clear to facing my own mortality and preparing myself and others for my passing. I'm at the very beginning of this journey, I don't even know yet what stage this is at but I have to prepare for the worst while of course hoping for the best. But I thank God I came across the forum and the one you recommended. It does help quite a bit!