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My 68 y.o. brother is finishing his 3rd week of daily radiation and weekly chemo for stage 3 esophageal cancer. It's beginning to hit him hard and he is feeling sick. He drives himself to all of his appointments and lives alone. Should he be alone during all of this? I worry he won't recognize if he's facing a real medical emergency at home. Heart attack? Stroke? septic shock? Any thoughts?


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    Hi Madwife,

    There are some people who have completed treatment for esophageal cancer while living alone; but it would be good if perhaps someone could arrange to have a telephone "check in" at a predefined time each day, just to insure that he is feeling well and that he does not need help. My experience with chemotherapy is that the side effects were cumulative, and fatigue became more pronounced as I completed later treatments. Be sure his oncology treatment team is aware that he is living alone so they can make adjustments with treatment if possible. Once issue I had during treatment was dehydration and the accompanying dizziness and fatigue. I found that getting IV hydration and a precaution was very helpful.

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