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Diagnosed with thyroid cancer (papillary) in 2014. Thyroid/cancer successfully removed, one dose of radiation treatment. Have been cancer free since.

Has anyone had lung cancer after a history of thyroid cancer?




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    II am 70. At age 24 I had THYROID PAPILLARY AND FOLLICULAR LYMPH RADICAL NECK SURGERY. Was give at age 4 , Every Day radiation for 3 weeks .. I RECALL BARELY, wiggling too much for the Texh and she became frustrated and re did several CRays because of it mentioning a word …”Bucky”.. . Of course I still do not know what a BUCKY is…. But having had allergies and asthma and bronchitis at age 4 , I assume allergies were already a problem.. BUT THE X-RAYS were to heal my bronchial problems. Of course we know that was to no avail. As a 24 yr old , the cancer and Dr accidentally cut 11th spinal accessory nerve, resulting in deformed neck , R arm hangs way 3 or more inches below L, Numb skin all around neck and Top of R arm, loss of musculature in sternocleidomastoid, Rhombus, Trapezius. Pain from severe muscle spazms has worsened with age. In 1980’s lost fingernails to candidiasis, on griseofulfin , but felt poisoned…. Lots of asthma then turned into Immunodeficiency , Environmental Illness as it was called then. Loss of almost ALL foods to moderate to severe sensitivities,Small amounts of FORMALDEHYDE , as in fabric , or stores, carpets Drywall, toilet seats , shower curtains , window screens, Etc etc Began causing EXTREME BRAIN DISORIENTATION EXTREME BRAIN FOG AND DIZZINESS , And papers NCR, Inks , TV,s New Plastics in Computers , Radios all across the room, the odor would totally ruin me for days. Had to be like a bubble lady with Foil Room.. had to move to a Safer house but how do you find one when cannot tolerate going in? When moved to NC had to make a tent outside to live in until my Poor husband built me a SAFE ROOM. My neighbors, DR’s especially maligned me in so many ways… IF I WAS NOT AN OUTGOING (Old Plastic) telephone FRIEND MAKER , and poet, and for myself sanity, a songwriter and bad guitarist… I would have died from heartache. All this raising 2 girls w a stressed out husband. Forgetting things worse then than now in my 70’s. I would float in time forgetting many times to pick my children up from school and made them insecure I AM SURE! But for people like MB and friends who miraculously liked and cared for me … This disability was a doozie most of my life. Now, one daughter has migraines, horrid asthma, skin issues, . Other daughter went almost completely blind in both eyes from rarest blind diagnosis of ANTI MOG.. She also has food sensitivities from childhood that caused severe mood swings perhaps more than myself. When I PUT HER OFF COWMILK AT AGE 2 and 3 , MY CHILD’s personality changed from a little mad, crying stinker to the sweetest smiley little girl ever! Put her on RAW GOATMILK. Which her sick mom had to drive miles to find.. FUN TIMES! Anyway , As they treat THYROID CANCER AND CHECK UPS WITH I 131 Radiation . I feared that I had my girls too close to That radiation… Now I wonder if the age 4 radiation caused them to be genetically hurt in some ways, NOW, I HAVE SEVERE PAIN , and so does my youngest, WE ALL HAVE FUNGAL ALLERGIES , YEAST MOLD AND MANY CHEM sensitivities. Allergy shots from CLINICAL ECOLOGIST FOR YEARS, Rotation diet, O MY KIDS LOVED THAT! NOT! Foil on floors instead of carpet or floors with wax or glues or formaldehydes or adhesives… So when their friends came, WE WERE THE STAR TREK WEIRDO FAMILY I SUPPOSE! ? I had to ask them to take rubber shoes that bothered me off, and no perfumed products of course, etc. Yep! Weird. I have been diagnosed with ANXIETY , Depression, accused wrongly of TRUE MENTAL ILLNESS, but now SPINAL OATEOPOROSIS OF Neg 3.9, Replacement thyroid keeps changing dosage , CONSTANT ALL OVER BODY YEAST SYMPTOMS AND RASHES, Bad ARTHRITIS THAT MAY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RADIATION. I believe that learning in the 80’s before most DR’s ever heard of probiotics: I was taking them , learned to detox in several ways, learned many natural things helped my symptoms more than MEDS. I AM A SURVIVOR TOO. But of course None of my Physicians have any idea….. and that still hurts my feelings.

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    Hi Sunflower,

    someone here is doing research looking for those having had radiation treatments in childhood for various things such as acne, allergies and all sorts of things which subsequently had harmful effects. (a somewhat recent post on pediatrics - she is in her 70s with late progression effects of childhood radiation) Once I find this again, I will send you an IM. I'm very sorry you were the product of experimentation as a child. We have come so far but some have suffered immensely in the process.

    I believe you.


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    Hi Carrie,

    I am a breast cancer survivor. This was successfully removed by lumpectomy and followed up with radiation treatments in 2007. Cancer free for breast cancer since then. I have now been diagnosed and treated for lung cancer with a lobectomy in Dec 2022. These are separate cancers, years apart. I have 2 first cousins that also have had 2 different cancers. I believe at least the first cancers for all of us were environmentally related. Lots of pollution and exposure to chemicals and toxins in the 70s. I did enroll in a study with my daughter concerning genetics that determined my BC was not genetic and we did not possess the BRACA genes.

    Yes, I know not exactly what you asked, but want you to know its possible to have two separate cancers.

    Take care and good luck.


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    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for replying to my message and I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

    I haven’t been diagnosed, waiting for the results of a biopsy that I had recently.

    I hope that your treatment goes well and that you’re cancer free again soon ❤️‍🩹

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    Remember that the type of cancer something is is based off of what type of cells it comes from and not where it is located, if you have cancer metastasize from one location to another it is still the cancer of where it came from and not where it went to. You can have Thyroid cancer in the lungs, you can have Thyroid cancer in the Lymph nodes, you can even have thyroid cancer in the bones, that does not make it lung cancer or lymphoma or bone cancer, it just means you have cancer in those locations and not necessarily those types of cancer.

    Now why is that relevant and what does that matter in the case of say you having Thyroid cancer in the lungs? Simple, the type of cancer dictates how the cells act and react to things so for instance if you have Thyroid cancer in the lungs, despite being in the lungs you could still use RAI to try to treat it because those cancer cells would still have the functions of the thyroid cell which is the main thing that eats up iodine for it's function and as such would be a valid way to get the radiation where it needs to be, where as if it is lung cancer it would require a different type of treatment because lung cells don't eat up iodine like thyroid cells do.

    Remember that where the cancer is is pretty irrelevant when it comes to treatment and the type of cancer is more relevant now that is not to say it is totally irrelevant because a cancer might be in an area where you don't want to use the normal treatment options for that type of cancer if it is somewhere where that type of treatment would cause more harm than good, then you might need to go with a different treatment than what is most common. But for the most part the type of cancer is most important because let's just say there is cancer in the lymphatic system, if it is thyroid cancer that spread to the lymph nodes then RAI would work well as a treatment because they would eat up the iodine but if it is lymphoma then it wouldn't really work all that well because lymph nodes don't naturally eat iodine like thyroid cells do as such you would use a different treatment.

    Hopefully everything comes back fine for you and it is nothing, but if not hopefully if it is cancer in the lungs hopefully it is Thyroid cancer in the lungs and not lung cancer because it is probably a lot easier to treat if the cells take on the characteristics of thyroid cells and not lung cells since it is a lot easier to have extremely targeted treatment when it is a type of cell that uses a certain thing that other cells tend to ignore like Iodine, but I don't think lungs have any type of chemicals that they use that are not also used by other types of cells as well.

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    I have new lung nodules on my latest CT scan they are wanting to watch closely.

    Very scary stuff!