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I'm back after a brief absence here so I'll probably repeat things: I was diagnosed with liver cancer a year ago (metastatic from the colon). After 12 chemo fusion sessions (24 weeks) my CEA dropped to 7 and a PET scan showed 6 of the 7 lesions originally in my liver were totally gone and the 7th was “inactive.” Because I couldn’t tolerate the maintenance pills then prescribed and all of my labs/vitals were good, my doctor took me off of everything and told me to just enjoy my freedom – and I am. But my question is this: has this happened to anyone else in this chat room? I feel lost because I’ve been told so often my cancer is incurable so now what? I questioned the nurse and she said that I can just make an appointment whenever I feel the need for one. Am not sure what to make of this – excited on the one hand but insecure on the other. Any comments? 


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    What surveillance plan are you on? Scans, bloodwork, ect.

    If it were me I would want hawk eyes on me but still enjoy life. If not on a plan you could be blindsided down the road. You dont want that.

    In addition to the onc, what were the CRC surgeon and liver surgeon thoughts?

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    Hi Janet, what chemo infusions were you on? Folfox/folfiri or another targetted agent?

    I agree with snap, very close monitoring will be key, when i was on a year break from treatment my onc did scans every 2 months along with frequent bloodwork to try to catch anything before it was too far along, thankfully we did that as after having a clear liver for 2 years ive had a recurrence, but caught the spots when they are small and hopefully easily treatable.

    As snap said you certainly dont want to wait too long, even 3 months for me off treatment would feel like too long.