High CEA number - excellent CT Scan

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I recently had a CT scan and all doctors and nurses are really pleased with the "clear / clean" CT scan. . .however, two days later I had my blood test done, and the CEA number was high at 14.4. I've had two high CEA numbers out of 29 CEA tests done, however, these were during the beginning of Chemo and was 4.5 and 5.3 . All other CEA numbers have been below 4.0 -- Dr is telling me not to worry and we will retest in three months. . .SORRY, I'm scared. . .do I have anything to worry about? I'm a non-smoker and a non-drinker, have no other health issues going on. Thank you in advance for your replies!


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    I had CEA levels that fluctuated from 1.4 (after resection, May 2022) to 6.9 (two weeks ago after finishing CAPOX chemotherapy). It made no sense to me. My doctor told me not to worry about it. Scans seem to be more reliable. Of course, I worried. And I asked for a CTDNA test. The CTDNA test results were negative, which was a huge relief! Have you had the CTDNA test? It may give you peace of mind. I hope it all works out.

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    No I've not had a CTDNA test done - have never heard of it

    None of my doctors (primary, cancer, cardiologist, surgeon even the hospitalist) has mentioned this test to me.

    I will look it up and get more information about it.

    I talked to my primary care doctor and for a "possible" peace of mind, we ran a second CEA only for a second opinion from a different lab (one that I trust) yesterday, results should be in sometime today.

    Congratulations on your resection (mine is set for Dec of this year). I'm scared that the surgeon will postpone it again if the CEA numbers are high, he's postponed it because I was anemic and my white blood count was low. -- All understandably good reasons. I just don't want it postponed again!

    Thank you for sharing.