Treatment Side Affects Question

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 rectal cancer on 10/03. I have I spot on my rectum and one node in my pelvis.

I begin six weeks of Radiation/Kemo treatment beginning 10/24, followed by a 3 weeks of recovery and then five cycles of kimo. My last kimo should be March 20, 23.

I am scheduled to begin a new demanding job on 11/31. I may be expected to be in the corporate office on 12/01, for which I would extend to 12/05, just 3 days after my last radiation treatment.

I am a healthy 61-year-old male with no cholesterol or BP issues, and a little overweight, but healthy besides having cancer.

Can anyone share their experience with the side effects and let me know if you would have been able to work during treatment?

Thank you in advance.


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    I also had stage 2, just finished my 6weeks of RAD with oral chemo on Sept15th the 4th week is when I began to be unable to drive, the pain required meds that made my brain mush and I was NOT myself. The final day of treatment I rung that bell... that was only the beginning. I was at my lowest about 8 days later, then had another week and a half of enduring that hell. I was finally able to start reducing my meds after the 4 week mark, then my brain started waking up, I still have foggy moments. I'm in week 11 now since treatment started, tomorrow will be 5 weeks since bell ringing day, I JUST now this week feel myself coming back a bit, still get tired and haven't been able to sit for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was so sure I'd be back at work on week 7, oh no my was a hard pill to swallow, but I likely won't be returning to work for at least another month or two. And then I'll be starting at part time. I get that timing isn't great for a new job, but just my honest and fresh experience, you may want to reconsider your start date. The care team will only tell you one day at a time, they can't give you more than that. Each case is different, but still they know what's coming up is going to be hard so they don't over share or give opinions about getting back to work. Ask your oncologist for honest feedback, maybe you'll be able to work some, but you'll likely need to be very near a toilet for several weeks. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope your job is understanding and offers some flex.