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Hello I had to have a liver ct today due to the finding of a lesion on my liver. My dr called and said that all looks good repeat scan in six months. I have had no blood work done at all. I just want to make sure nothing is being overlooked. My husband is concerned the lesion could be cancer due to family history and doesn’t think the dr is very good. Should I get a second opinion and if so from what type of dr? The ct read…


The lesion for which the patient was called back is identified in the dome of the liver in what appears to be hepatic segment 7 near the junction with hepatic segment 8. This structure measures 2.1 x 1.4 cm in image 32 of series 3 and demonstrates a hypodense appearance in precontrast imaging, avid heterogeneous enhancement throughout the lesion in the early arterial phase, persistent hyperenhancement with heterogeneous appearance in the portal venous phase, and is either isodense or slightly hypodense to the liver parenchyma in the delayed phase. Focal fatty infiltration adjacent to the fissure for the falciform ligament involving the medial segment of the left hepatic lobe.

Enhancing liver lesion in dome of the liver as detailed above. Findings probably favor focal nodular hyperplasia, or less likely hepatic adenoma. Flash filling in hemangioma considered less likely. Correlate with pertinent laboratory values. Would recommend follow-up MR imaging in 6 months with hepatic protocol and administration of Eovist.


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    Hmm I would get blood work and another opinion. Have you had cancer before? I had an incidental finding of two hypodense liver lesions (one the size of yours and one smaller) on a CT for my lungs and hx of breast ca. They said they couldn't identify what the lesions are and after my oncologist requested a second opinion from another radiologist, they suggested a liver MRI to learn more. Didn't say it looked bad or good, just that they don't know what it is. (Had the MRI Friday and will know more Tuesday)

    Best to you!