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My husband of 46 years found out that he has non small cell lung cancer and I am homebound because of genetic eye disease and can't drive...he has to take himself to all radiation treatment and chemo treatments...he was in bad health with COPD and severe psoriatic arthritis and heart issues before the cancer diagnosis...we don't have any children and all of my husbands family are gone and I only have 1 brother left and he has his own family and also a husband is miserable because chemo and radiation has put his system into overdrive and his psoriasis has become so bad he looks like he has black plague...when he got sick from chemo and couldn't drive we had to cancel the chemo treatment because we can't afford $60.00 per trip and his radiation treatment is at one hospital and chemo at another hospital miles away.. so that would cost double$120.00 per trip.....nobody seems to understand the problem or care...seems if you have cancer you can only get treatment and way to get there if you are filthy rich.... I am angry, bitter, anxious and scared to death and nobody to turn to.....


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    Hi YvondaandPookie1031,

    I'm sorry to learn of the difficult time you and your husband are going through. I know transportation can be a large barrier and your feelings are certainly understandable. Please reach out to us at ACS's National Cancer Information Center.  We can look for possible transportation programs. You can call our toll-free number, 1.800.227.2345, where Cancer Information Specialists are available around the clock every day of the week to speak with you. You can also utilize the Live Chat feature Monday through Friday between 7am-6:30pm CST on

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