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I went to visit my dad that night after he was moved to his own room. One of my

uncles, my parents' close friend, drove me to see my dad along with my grandparents. It

was decided that my mom would return home with us. Even though I knew everything

had gone fine I was still very worried and wanted to see my dad in person. I clearly

remember the car ride there and walking into the hospital for the first time. For some

reason, seeing the hospital halls made the experience a lot more real and unnerving.

When we got to my dad’s room, a lot of our friends and family were already waiting

there. I got to talk to my dad for a bit but he was too tired and wanted to go to sleep

before taking the next day off. As such we decided to leave the room and talk to some of

our friends before going back home. Our friends were very helpful throughout the

process, dropping off food or helping out with talking to my dad and even staying with

him overnight in the hospital.

Unfortunately, this was not the last of our troubles. More problems arose when my

dad could not pass gas. This could possibly mean something had gone wrong during the

surgery and urgent action could be necessary. My dad was also very worried because he

had never had major surgery before and had no idea what to expect. He ended up

spending too much time worrying about moving and pretty much refused to get off the

bed to move around. Moving around was very essential to passing gas and therefore he

had to move. Thankfully, after realizing this he managed to move around and passed gas.

At that point, the surgery was truly complete and all the stress of the surgery had pretty

much ended. He slowly started recovering and ended up leaving the hospital a couple of

days later.

The lesson to learn from this experience is to trust your body. It is a lot stronger

than you think, even after surgery it is able to recover. I am extremely thankful that we

live in an age where medical technologies are so well developed and so pronounced that

it is very safe to go through surgery and there will be very minimal damage to your body.

It is important to trust your doctors and listen to what they tell you, but also be sure to

strike a balance between what the doctors say and what you believe you can do. My dad

did not listen to the doctors at first when they were telling him to get up and walk, and

that caused problems for him. He spent too much time listening to his body when he

should have been trying to walk around. This resulted in unfavorable circumstances for

him and made his recovery process a lot harder than it should have been. It also caused

plenty of stress for both himself, the doctors, and my mom because of his continual

insistence to not walking. As such, it is important to remember to be open-minded and to

know that although this is the first time this is happening to you, the doctors are used to

this and already know all the steps on what to do.