hemorrhoids or cancer?

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Please don't judge me because I am terrified, I suffer from anxiety.
I've been having pain in the anus area for a few weeks, which comes and goes.. better and worse days... and I notice that I've been going to the bathroom more than usual.
I looked for a proctologist, and he did the touch exam, said that I have an internal hemorrhoid and a plicoma... he asked for a colonoscopy, for prevention.
But I'm really afraid to have it... I know I should do it, but I'm building up the courage... I'm 40 years old... and I don't have any other symptoms. 
How high are the changes I have some sort of cancer? Or do my symptoms match the hemorrhoid diagnosis?
Thanks and I am sorry.


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    Please follow his advice. The colonoscopy isn't as bad as you hear about it. It's the prep that is the worst part. I thought I had hemorrhoids, and due in part to covid I was late getting my colonoscopy. I didn't have hemorrhoids - I have stage 4 rectal cancer. You'll feel much better knowing what is going on in your body.

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    I am sorry to hear that. How are you feeling?

    Did you have any other symptons?

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    Im doing ok. About to start a new treatment. I had some bleeding and a sore butt. You are probably fine but why not make sure. Not sure what you are anxious about- having the colonoscopy or the fear of finding out you have cancer. Really the colonoscopy is a night of drinking laxatives and going to the bathroom till you are cleaned out. You'll be sedated during the procedure- easy. Of course the sooner you do it the better.

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    I am not scared of the procedure itself. I am scared of the results!

    but I will get it over with it, I booked an appointment. It will be this Thursday.

    not going to lie. I am very scared once I also was bleeding a few times.

    thank you for your concern and I wish you the best!

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    that's so good you have booked an appointment. For the anxiety it's better to know than not to know and now is the time to learn to really stay in the moment. worry about cancer only if you have cancer and while you are waiting for the results mindfully change the thoughts that you would have had about being worried it is cancer into looking at your lifestyle & what you could do to improve it health wise and maybe thinking about some counselling for your anxiety because stress isn't good for your immune system. If it is getting too much ask your doctors about medication for anxiety. I hope it all goes well plus they will give you good drugs to get you through the colonoscopy and then you will probably have to wait some more until you get the results of that. The worst part is always waiting. I used to keep myself busy doing nice things for myself and book a holiday or a nice treat like a massage for the day after any tests etc to have some other focus rather than thinking about what the results will be and here I am now nearly 7 cancer free years later. Stay strong. Be brave. You have got this. kia kaha 💚

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    Hey, I'm sorry to hear this because my brother, too, experiences symptoms of this nature, and I know how much he dreaded the outcome. I'm eagerly awaiting your results, and I hope your result will also be negative like my brother's.

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    No one here will judge you. We all hope it’s just hemorrhoids! I’ve done three colonoscopies so far. I view the clean out as an opportunity to clean out my intestines. It’s not a big deal. They treat you with dignity and sedate so the procedure goes quickly. Best wishes for something simple


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    Like you I didn't want the colonoscopy because I thought of the risks but when I began to bleed every day I decided to finally have one.

    The worst part is drinking the gross liquid, I've had two different versions and both are disgusting.

    The colonoscopy was a breeze.

    The plus was that it's the best sleep I've ever had.

    Finding out I had colorectal cancer was the devastating part.

    I should have a colonoscopy years earlier and it would have probably avoided the cancer or at least made it easier.

    Good luck!

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    Michelle, I too was the same way, not wanting to know… hoping it would just go away… I guess it would be back abt 10 yrs or so when I noticed my stool being flat somewhat. Some days it was ok. So i just put it off in the back of my mind… outta site outta mind… fast forward 4 yrs ago, my Doc says you know it’s time to get a colonoscopy… I told her I was fine and nothing else was mentioned. The next yr same thing, but i give her one thing, she’s persistent. Finally she ask, what’s your worry? You know, I really don’t have one I said. She said let’s do this, let me send you a colorguard and if the test comes back negative then all is well… however if it comes back positive then we really need to discuss the colonoscopy. I agreed.

    a week later the colorguard came in and yes I put it off, but finally did the procedure and sent it off. A week later I get an email: Positive. Well I kept my word and we set up the screening. June 28 2022, the Colon Specialist comes in and says, well it’s not good, it’s Cancer…,Not what I wanted to hear. So he then explains everything to me and my wife what the next procedures are. He set me up with one of the best surgeons in Jacksonville. After several other test that the surgeon wanted done the results were in. The tumor was in stage 2 and had not yet penetrated the colon wall… wow what a relief to hear these words.

    so surgery was done and yes I have a temp bag but it will be reversed the later part of Dec. Do yourself a huge favor a life saving favor… Get the Colonoscopy. It’s really not all that bad. The prep was probably the worst of it, as far as the procedure, I walked in, signed some docs and the took me back. They explained step by step and then gave me something for anxiety. 20 mins later I was in recovery.

    Hope this helps calm the fears… I was given a chance to go thru all of this hopefully to help others.

    come back and let us know how it went.

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    No one's judging you, it seems like we've all been in your shoes. I was there in March. I had bleeding, and every now and then pain. I assumed it was hemorrhoid's. Put it off longer than I should, I was only 38. Surely it's just hemorrhoid's from garbage eating habits and being overweight. I finally made the appt, family doctor did an exam, of course found blood in my stool. Recommended a GI follow up. I followed up with GI. Based on symptoms, she thought it was hemorrhoid's too. Offered me the colonoscopy if I wanted. I said yes, put my mind at ease. Whoever said it was the best sleep you ever had? Absolutely right. The prep isn't terrible, just make sure you got a good book or your phone is charged while you poop out things you ate in middle school. I had mine April 27th, woke up to "we suspect cancer." Here I am 7 months later, complete with 35 radiation treatments, six rounds of chemo, and surgery 1 of 2 next week.

    Now, I'm not telling you all this to scare you, it's unlikely you'll have the same outcome. I sincerely hope you don't. But, I encourage you to go and put your mind at ease. God forbid it is cancer, find out as soon as you can and get the treatment started. And if it's not cancer? Set back enjoy the upcoming holidays with a clear mind!