Bleeding and Urinary Blockage after TURP

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My husband had the GreenLight Laser procedure for BPH three weeks ago. He is not recovering at all, with two major problems (100% urinary blockage and continuous bleeding). We are extremely stressed and need any help we can get.

For reference, my husband  (70 yo, active and in very good health) has localized prostate cancer with Gleason sore 4+4=8. He is not suitable for RP because of easy bleeding (low platelets, in the range of 90-130) and is going for RT and ADT (ADT three months -> RT -> ADT 15 months). He started ADT six weeks ago. Since he has moderate BPH problem, RTO suggested he improve BPH problem before RT.  GreenLight Laser procedure was suggested by the urologist/surgeon after my husband tried several BPH oral medications and had side effect (dizziness).

1)     My husband is being treated at one of leading cancer centers. Consulted with a hematologist prior to the GreenLight procedure with no issue.

2)     He had the procedure three weeks ago, stayed overnight at hospital and discharged the next day. Everything was normal at that time.

3)     However, he wasn’t able to pass urine that night and went to local ER to put a Foley catheter in (swelling was the reason given).

4)     Catheter was removed after one week.  He was able to urinate on his own for one and half days then it was blocked again. Went to local ER to put another Foley catheter in (blood clot was the reason given).

5)     During the whole time, bleeding continued, same urine color (fruit punch) as the next day after surgery.

6)     Catheter stayed in for two and half days. At the time of catheter removal, urologist/surgeon said it’s likely caused by blood clots and gave us instructions for self catheterization just in case.  

7)     Very unfortunately, my husband needed to self catheterize immediately after getting home on that day. He did that for one week but the situation (both bleeding and blockage) was not improving. 

8)     Urologist/surgeon flushed the bladder last Friday in his office and there was no blood clots found.  Another Foley catheter was put in hoping that catheter can stop bleeding.  Surgeon didn’t share with us what would be the next step if this fails.

9)     It has been another two days, my husband drinks a lot of fluid and is afraid of moving his body but we don’t see any improvement.

10)  Swelling should have come down. Urine culture test has ruled out urinary tract infection (UTI). There’s no blood clots found. What could be the reason for continuous bleeding and why he can’t pass the urine at all?? We are so so so worried and don’t know what to do, what to expect.

Sorry for this very long post. We are really desperate… and appreciate your input.


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    If I was in your husbands situation I would want an MRI done to see what’s going on. Can’t imagine that’s any fun having a cath in all the time.

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    Thanks Clevelandguy. I read from a website that a cystoscopy may be needed to find out what is going on there. It is a scary thing given he is still bleeding from the initial procedure. He is hanging in there. I really hope the bleeding will subside in the next couple of days and then we can focus on the blocking issue....

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    My husband developed a stricture after his Turbt surgery, it was terrible for a while and he had to use a type of stick to keep the stricture open. They should do a cystoscopy to find out what is happening.

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    Momschooling, sorry to know your husband had stricture after TURP. I am afraid my husband is having the same thing. May I ask after stricture is confirmed by a cystoscopy, does it need another procedure or surgery to fix it? How long does it take to be back to normal (ie. being able to urinate on his own)? We will ask for a cystoscopy during our Friday's visit. But we are in the dark now and don't know what to expect. The waiting and uncertainty is very tough to deal with.