Q: Cancers in senior citizens from thymus radiation as babies?

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It's well known that those of us who misguidedly had their thymus glands irradiated as babies developed thyroid cancer in early adulthood. Now that I'm 69, I'd like to consider how many of us have developed other cancers in the area of the neck, chest, mouth, etc., as senior citizens. I've seen a few people, in this forum, who have mentioned later-life cancers, presumably related to childhood radiation, but I'd like to take a deeper dive into this topic. I've had a few incidences of skin cancer on my upper chest, over the past few years. Now I'm wondering what other cancers we should be on the lookout for.


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    I've been researching the misguided irradiation treatment of babies for "enlarged" thymus glands in the 1940s and '50s. I came across this photo of a baby undergoing the procedure, which I endured in 1953. Was this you, too?