Votrient and bilirubin

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ive been on votrient close to 2 years and it had kept my metastic LMS cancer stable. My liver enzymes all increased each quarter as they scanned me and did blood work. A month ago out of the blue I’m yellow and itchy. My bilirubin was a 5 and had stayed within standard range for 2 years with 400mg of V. They had me stop votrient, retest 3-4 days later and my bilirubin is an 8. Also related I had 3 rounds of remicade for my arthritis which is also tough on the liver. I get admitted I go up to 14 total bilirubin. After 2 bilary stents and the external bili drain. They let me go home at a 9.5 and basically tell me I’ll need to at least drop to a 4 to get a shot at another treatment. I go up to 18 after the weekend and get admitted to the hospital again. They adjust the bili drain and confirm that’s about all they can do. I’m up to 20 bilirubin, going the wrong direction. Anyone go through anything similar and over time did that bilirubin total ever go back down and how long did that take. I’m worried I’m basically going to end up going home with some pain meds and a long shot prayer it lowers on its own otherwise I assume I have a few months if nothing else changes and I can’t pursue any treatment options. Any advice or experiences welcome. Just wondering if time may help even though it seems like it should start trending down now after all these procedures I have read it has taken months for some to see even minor bilirubin improvement. With me they think it’s liver function because the bag is draining each day so they feel not a blockage or misplaced drain