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Hi All,

35 year old dad of 2. My wife and I found out this week that she has an orange size mass in her chest. The biopsy results showed Hodgkin lymphoma. The kicker is, she is 12 weeks pregnant. We are scared but determined. She is so brave. Is there anybody on this board who has been in this situation, or knows someone that has been that we could talk to? The OB doc said that Hodgkin Lymphoma is the "good" one to get, but my wife has trouble breathing more and more every day, and it feels far from "good". I am just looking for more info regarding treatment options, what to expect to support her and pregnancy, how will treatment affect her etc.

TLDR; pregnant wife has mediastinal Hodgkin's lymphoma, large mass, looking for support from someone who has been pregnant with cancer or had Hodgkin lymphoma or both.

Thanks in advance.

Brave(trying) Dad.


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    Very sorry to hear this. If you are in the states, are you consulting at a National Cancer Institute designated comprehensive cancer center? They have the most overall experience, employ the best and brightest, use cutting edge data in treatment decisions and as well, perform research. Due to the complexity of her case, "I" would head straight to such a facility. If it applies, you may find the nearest center here:

    Just to add, this 'could' be a situation where surgical removal of the mass is justified and then a low-dose or even non-chemo treatment given. Depending on how fast it is growing, it could even be a watch and wait situation until she gives birth. There are more options and more hope today than at any time in human history. It is good to reflect on that.