Urination Issues

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Hello all, this topic may have been discussed in the past, but not sure how to search for it so I'll ask again. I'm a year and half post prostate radiation treatment. My issue is over the past 6 months (it been constant for the last month) at night when I go to bed I wake up about ever hour (sometimes more often) with the urgency to urinate. when I go to the toilet the urine get right to the tip and will not come out. If I am able to urinate at all it's just dribbles. I never get a good night sleep.

Has anyone experienced these issues and what was the solution?

Thank for your help.


  • Old Salt
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    This situation is alarming; you should consult with a urologist ASAP.

  • Rockies59
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    Thank you Old Salt! I do have an appointment scheduled with a urologist tomorrow , but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue so that I could go to my visit with as much knowledge as possible.