Scheduled for transperineal template biopsy - experiences?

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I am scheduled for a transperineal template biopsy in a month, 20-30 cores.

My PSA history is complicated and I had 2 negative TRUS biopsies 9 years ago (12 core 14 core). 4 MRIs. PSA has has always been volatile and elevated since first biopsies. Current MRI is PIRADS 2. Very frustrating.

The biopsy is being done at a major cancer center, under general anesthesia (propofol). I would appreciate hearing anyone else’s experience with a transperineal biopsy.


  • Rob.Ski
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    I've had both types and was awake for both. About the same discomfort. Both were 12 core though. 30 is a lot of holes.

  • Old Salt
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    From my reading, transperineal is the way to go these days.

    As Rob Ski mentioned, it's often done without general anesthesia.

  • JJO
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    I think what your having is sometimes referred to as a saturation biopsy. I had one several years ago and it was done under general anesthesia. They took 30 or so samples. The procedure was pretty easy. I didn't need any painkillers afterwards. I was a bit sore in the perineum. A day or so later some small blood clots came out in my urine, but no big deal. Within a few days you wouldn't know you'd had the procedure. In my case, after several negative biopsies and MRI (my PSA was always rising) they found a very small amount of G6 cancer. I've been on active surveillance ever since.