Relapse of cancer cells after prostectomy

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Healthy 80 yr. old clear with <.1 for four years+ after prostectomy. In June of 2022 psa of .5. Two months later psa came back at .7

Any comments please


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    Most generally Psa level of re occurring cancer is .2 ng. Sound like with your increasing level of Psa something might be going on but you need to find the cancer to kill it. If it was me I would carry on with monitoring your Psa and in the future do a Pet scan and bone scan to see if the cancer can be detected. Once you find the cancer possibly it could be killed with radiation therapy with a combo of testosterone lowering medications. Your cowpers gland also produces small amounts of Psa along with your urethra. Radiation and hormone therapy could cause problems or damage so you might want to discuss those options with your team of doctors ( Urologist +Oncologist) to see what best suits you in the future.

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    Thank you, Sir

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    Thank you sir, so much

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    Clearly, this is not the trend in your PSA tests that you want to see.

    I advise you to seek input from a medical oncologist. I am rather certain that a scan will be recommended. These days, a PSMA scan appears to be the preferred one because of its greater sensitivity.

    The area around the prostate can be irradiated, but that only makes sense if the cancer is in that area.

    I hope you will find a way forward to 'slay the beast'.

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    It seems likely that you have suffered a relapse of your cancer. It is imperative that you immediately schedule appointments with, as stated a medical oncologist and a radiation oncologist, both of whom specialize i prostate cancer. You may very well be a candidate for salvage radiation and a short course of hormone therapy to beat down the cancer. It is important that you get your care in the hands of physicians who will take action, and advise you.


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    Most probably you are experiencing recurrence for the constant increases and the doubling time of <6 months. However the PSA at 0.7 ng/ml is still very low.

    At 80 years old and healthy (?) It will be difficult to find a doctor recommending sort of radical treatments. The typical is to try controlling cancer development with palliative hormonal therapies. These manage to hold the bandit in a dormant state for many years.

    One can choose the traditional bilateral orchiectomy (permanent status) or chemical castration done with drugs in intermittent administration.

    Surely you should have a bone scan to certify that the problem is still localized. However, the results from image studies are more reliable at higher levels of PSA above 1.5 ng/ml.

    We shouldn't compare cases but one old survivor of this forum experienced recurrence at his 80 years old and reported to take only a daily antiandrogen pill Casodex (experiencing no particular side effects) which managed to control the bandit for more than one decade. He was 94 in his last report in the board and the PSA was less than 4.0.

    Let us know about the opinion of your oncologist.

    Best wishes