Does AC shrink the tumor?

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I went through 9 rounds of chemo = pembro (keytruda)& carbo & abraxane (taxol relative) x 3 rounds and 6 rounds of abraxane. My tumor shrunk a few millimeters. I was disappointeed, I thought it would be more. I couldn't do the last round of all three because of GI issues. Started on AC this week for four rounds once every two weeks., Should I expect the tumor to shrink more on AC? It started at 2.4 cm, is now 1.9 cm.


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    Hello, LindaLee. I have triple negative breast cancer, and am on AC now, after 12 rounds (weekly) of carbo/taxol/keytruda. My tumor shrank dramatically after the 12 rounds, but I am told AC & keytruda (every three weeks) are still working on cancer cells. When I have surgery in November/December (after these treatments end), the oncologist says only then will we know the true response of the chemo. Surgery will involve examining tissue around the tumor/tumor site, and lymph node, to see if any cancer cells remain. We'll still do radiation after the surgery, to make sure.

    All of that to say (in my non-doctory opinion) that you SHOULD still expect some shrinkage after AC. It is encouraging that your tumor responded to the first chemo type, and it is still a win! My surgeon said any shrinkage helps create "margins" that can be taken through surgery, giving a more complete picture of how well the chemo worked.

    Side effects are no fun for me with AC, but then again they are different for everyone. Take your anti-nausea meds at the first sign of (or maybe even before!!) nausea/indigestion feelings. Rest a lot. That's my advice. I have my 3rd treatment this Friday, and only one more after that. We can do this! You can do this! :)