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I am happy I found this support group. I'm so worried and stressed out. I went for a mammogram and got called back for another mammogram to look closer. I have dense breasts and calcifications after thec2nd pics they said I need a biopsy. I'm terrified not knowing what to think. The xray tech showed me the pics of microcalcifications all over my breast little dots. There are 2 areas of concern. I just can't handle this I'm so worried. I'm reading the internet it says it could be benign but maybe not. I guess I won't know until biopsy. This happened to my Mom at my age and it was benign I'm praying everyday. Thanks for letting me share I'm very scared.


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    My wife had the same experience. Mammogram followed by ultrasound and a week from today, a biopsy. She’s been making sure she keeps busy to keep her mind off of the situation. Hers is a 5mm grouping of calcifications.

    For you, the fact that your mom had the same condition and was found to be benign is a good sign. For my wife, the only family history of cancer is one her brothers, with nasopharyngeal carcinoma that’s been in remission for 12 years. That one, we think, was related to dietary factors. But mother, grandmothers had no history of breast cancer, so most likely her calcifications are benign as well.