Cancer Story part 6

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All of these events were happening at a very critical time for me. I was just going

into my freshman year of high school and was not ready to adjust to a completely new

environment seeing the situation at home. I had plenty of friends during middle school,

some of which I am still friends with today, so I had a decent support system. However,

the stress of joining such a big school combined with the situation at home and the need

to perform well in school was too much. I was taking very advanced courses as a

freshman, most of my classmates in those classes were sophomores and maybe even

juniors. During middle school, I had not developed good study skills or study habits

simply because I never really needed to study during middle school. Needless to say, this

combined with my rather unique introduction to high school was a recipe for disaster

when it came to my grades.

As expected, my grades started to fall as my dad went into surgery and subsequent

chemotherapy. The best advice I have for anyone reading is to talk to your teachers about

your situation at home. Teachers are very supportive and will help you if you talk to

them. I regret not informing my teachers about the situation at home, because if I had I

would have had a much better time in their class. Although my grades were not great

during my freshman year, I still managed to hold them up, and I will definitely go into

more detail about my experiences later.