TURBT, Chemotherapy, Survival, and Beyond

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I haven't visited the survivors network in a while because it's been an eventful year for me. At the end of last year, a strange patch of tumor cells was found in my bladder at my 3-month follow-up (which ended up being 6 months, instead). At the end of January 2022, I had my 6th TURBT, followed by a 6-week intravesical chemo series beginning in February, followed by a 3-week maintenance series in June. My bladder looked good at the next 3-month follow-up in August, but I just started the 2nd 3-week maintenance round yesterday. Although I'd prefer to be treating this disease holistically, it has become a way of life trying to stay ahead of cancer through constant surveillance. It has been exhausting, perhaps more mentally than physically. But I'm still here, so I choose to stay busy and keep living my best life. Progress before perfection, I like to say.