CA19-9 rising after EC surgery

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Dear all, my father had his ivor lewis surgery 4 month ago to remove EC tumor stage IV with no metastasis. Before this he was on a chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The surgery to remove the tumor went well and tumor marker CA 19-9 was reduced to 70 U/ml. After some weeks, analysis shown that the tumor marker was high to 132 U/ml, however CT scans where ok and my dad went on immunotherapy with nivolumab. However CA19-9 is rising, now with 450 U/ml? Two week from now my dad will do another CT scan.

Can this marker be misleading sometimes? In Europe is used very often, but I've read that some countries don't find it very accurate. Does anyone had regression in EC with this marker on high values? 




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    Hi Joao,

    Increased levels of CA19-9 by itself is not considered a reliable indicator of recurrent esophageal cancer by many oncologists. The reason for CA 19-9 elevation in benign disease can be explained by several mechanisms. First of all, inflammation and proliferation of non-tumorous tissue, such as in pancreatitis, cholangitis, bronchiectasis, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, can elevate CA 19-9.

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