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I've been on this journey since April, when my PSA test showed 6.9 (it was 3.9 in 2020). I was first diagnosed with Prostatitis and given 6 weeks of Cipro. PSA was still high at 6.4 after Cipro, scheduled a fusion MRI (which took 4 weeks). Results were PI-RAD 5 lesion found on August 06. I now have a fusion biopsy scheduled for Sept 15th. This scheduling was about 5-6 weeks as well. I have not spoken to the doctor since April. I've been working exclusively with the PA since then.

Question 1: Is that normal? I've been very healthy my entire life, so I don't understand the standard of care. Of course, the PI-RAD 5 freaked me out, and I would think that waiting 6 weeks seems like a long time. Is that normal?

Question 2: How many days after my Biopsy (on Sept 15th) can I resume normal exercise? I really like masters swimming and lifting weights, and I'm wondering how invasive a biopsy is. My instructions say a couple of days before resuming normal activities. I'm hoping to resume my training the week of Sept 19th.

I go from somewhat freaking out to "you've got this". It's all so new to me, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Mark,

    Sounds like from your MRI you are likely to have cancer but the actual biopsy will confirm. If the biopsy shows cancer your doctor team will grade it to determine how aggressive it is. If it’s low on the Gleason score(low aggression)you have time to do further imaging to determine the location and spread of the cancer. Also at that time you can determine with your doctor team(Urologist and Oncologist) how you want to treat and kill the beast(Active surveillance, surgery, radiation ). From what you have posted the timelines seem to be OK, your doctor should give you some antibiotics to take before your biopsy so you don’t get an infection from the procedure. Time to heal after the biopsy depends on how fast you heal so listen to your doctors recommendation and your own body. I have included a link to get you some info on the whole ordeal.

    Dave 3+4

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    Those wait times seem typical depending on where you go. Especially if your doc is in high demand. Biopsy will be the info you need that confirms you do have PCa (not necessarily that you don't). Negative might be they just missed it. MRI is informative but, not confirmation. The waiting part can be difficult but, the biopsy will tell you what you need to know.

    I was back to normal activity in a couple days but, I don't ride bikes or lift weight anymore which would be something might take a few extra days to get past discomfort.

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    Thanks guys, I'll keep you posted

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    I had a transperineal targeted biopsy and was scared as hell... As it turned out, the procedure was almost painless.. There was some discomfort, but nothing I couldn't handle.. As far as exercise goes, I don't lift weights but I do bike almost every day.. I was back at it 6 days after my biopsy.. Best of luck to you...

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    Transperineal appears to be the way to go. But you may have to find a place that has experience because the technique is relatively new.

    Whatever method is used, you may have to take it easy for a few days.

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    The good thing is that they are doing a fusion biopsy. The waiting time between the biosy date and when they gave me the results was bad.

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