New here and just found out I have DCIS

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Hello, I am new here. I am 41yrs old and recently got diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer and still waiting to get more tests (ultrasound and possible 2 more biopsies) because they found another mass on the side of my armpit and also enlarged lymph node.

my appt is Friday and I am so scared and stressed just thinking that it might have spread. I am extremely sad and can’t stop thinking about it. Everyone tells me to stop thinking so negative and be positive but I can’t help it. I cry just thinking that I have cancer. I have 4 beautiful daughters and I know I need to be strong for them but I just can’t help it and worry for them. It’s not fair…they need me 😢

hoping to find others that have gone through this type of diagnosis and what I should expect. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    I was diagnosed with DCIS. This is considered Stage 0. Some doctors refer to it as a non-invasive cancer and others call it a pre-cancer. Bottom line is that as far as a cancer diagnosis goes DCIS is good news. Prognosis is excellent. In my case it meant a lumpectomy ( hidden scar procedure) and 16 radiation treatments. I am 3 years out and NED. My oncologist says she sees no reason why I should ever have to go through this again. I do everything I can to stay healthy and strengthen my immune system.

    So as far as your DCIS diagnosis, take a deep breath, treat your self kindly and thank you lucky stars that they found it so early. I cannot speak to the rest of the issues with a mass and enlarged lymph node but hope that testing on those areas gives a good result. It is all scary and doctors get so involved in the medical stuff they forget about the patient. Do they offer a nurse navigator to help you through all of this> If so take advantage of any support offered.

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    Thank you so much for your reply. You don’t know how much this helps me breath! Gives me hope that I will never have to deal with this again.

    I really hope that I get good results back for the second mass and lymph node.

    I hope that I get a good surgeon and oncologist as well.

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    I was diagnosed in Feb 2022, I chose double mastectomy with reconstruction and I just had my last touch up plastic surgery 3 weeks ago. I feel great! it was painful the first 3 weeks and takes time to heal but you will survive!! It changes your life’s perspective but makes you stronger. It is ok being stressed out and cry, but DCIS is the best case (stage 0) so you caught it early!! Just take one day at the time i your treatment time flies!

    Advice: Freeze meals before surgery or engage neighbors and friends to help the first month post surgery (assuming you choose double mastectomy and reconstruction)

    Walk and exercise and eat super healthy before surgery it helps expedite your recovery. Let your friends and family help. You take care of other all the time, this is the TIME to let others take care of you. Get a mastectomy pillow. Get this book The Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook by Judy KNeece it is excellent to walk you thru the entire journey and understand every single step in your treatment. My doctor gave it to me as part of the treatment plan.