Back of throat - squamous cell cancer

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I was six years clean from Stage IV cancer of the larynx and 2 lymph nodes. Had 33 radiation and 7 chemo with feeding tube and chemo port and had been fine - no issues.

I just received diagnosis on a punch biopsy from the back wall of my oropharynx for squamous cell carcinoma and am awaiting a PET scan. Had covid about 7 weeks ago - I have read there is a little anecdotal evidence that those who were in remission, could possibly see cancers return having had Covid, although squamous cell is pretty slow growing. Had a PET scan last November and nothing was found at that time - all unremarkable.

Anyway, has anyone had a lesion on the back of the throat, and if so what treatment was given?

Thank you for sharing - would be helpful.....


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    Hello Dygit and I would like to welcome you to the forum.

    I do not have experience with lesions on the back of the throat, although it sounds small and I hope it is easy to deal with. I have not heard of any connection between covid and H&N cancer. Since your PET scan was 8 months ago I think that is enough time gap that a cancer could have started between then and now. I know we feel that we are more susceptible to H&N cancer, and we are, but really anybody is.

    Please keep us updated, I hope this is an easy fix for you.

    Wishing You the Best

    Take Care God Bless-Russ