CA-19-9 readings

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Hi all,

hope you're all doing well and in good health. 

My Mum was diognised with galbladder Cancer and had surgery to remove the galbladder and part of the liver. 

As a part of the treatment, the oncolohist prescribed both chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy. We later on sought advice from a friend (cancer survivor) who advised to seek assistance from another oncologist. The new oncologist performed some tests including CA-19-9 which showed that the rate is a little bit higher than normal (69.13 - Normal reading is up to 37). He then sent a sample of the biopsy to US for further analysis and recomended to start the chemotherapy ASAP until we get the results from the USA. Two weeks later, and before we start the chemotheraphy, my Mum underwent another CA-19-9 which surprisingly showed that the readings went down from (69.13 to 53). We now thinking about delaying the chemotheraphy and do the same test on regular basis to see if the reading will go down more with time. We only buying some time until we hear from the oncologist regarding the results of the biopsy and if we can continue with the Genetic theraphy rather than the chemotheraphy.

Any advice/recommendation would be very much appreciated.