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To those who are new to the maintenance after chemo, here are some tips to watch out for that I have experienced:

  1. Subscribe to your lab website so you can monitor and compare your lab results from time to time and see how your trending, are the markers improving, needs close monitoring? Or heading towards a catastrophe? My RBC, hemoglobin 6.5, and platelets 10 got me to the ER full of sick/COVID people. Got 2 units of platelets and 2 units of red blood cells and missed work the following day. Was taking the zejula for 3 months before I became symptomatic with dizziness, constipation, insomnia, and very short of breath terribly.
  2. When you start talking zejula, start taking supplements, ferrous sulfate, vitamin B12, multi vitamin, and lots of salad and green juice (for your platelets) before your markers tank out. Protect your red blood cell components, in short, be proactive rather than reactive or you’ll be sorry, I wish I knew this before taking Zejula, I could spared myself of the side effects (which are many to include here), complications and lots of lost sleep.
  3. Watch out for your liver enzymes particularly ALT, AST, Alkaline Phosphotase, and bilirubin, you don’t want to end up with another major problem: Drug induced cirrhosis of the liver. I have to take myself off zejula right now, my bilirubin is up 1.8 (extremely high) and no one, not my primary or oncologist have called me yet 🤪☹️.
  4. This is a learning process, learning as you go. You are the best judge of your own health. You have to be super vigilant in constant research when you think and feel that something is wrong. Make your oncologist do something, run blood work, do CT Scan, prescribe something, and check you up, don’t settle for telehealth medicine, do a face to face visits.
  5. Go organic, eat healthy, exercise, and live life! Do something special with your family, love, and enjoy their company. No your not dying, but this new experience made me realize how important they are in my life, I’m so blessed to have everyone of them.
  6. Journalize everything so you can go back on your notes if something goes wrong what you did. Write down when you started taking whatever including what you eat, drink, BM, sleep, meds, treatment, blood work and results (what results were abnormal), symptoms, how you felt, and how your day turned out to be (outcomes).
  7. Pump your self up with positive thoughts, encouraging music (I surround myself with Christian music), talks ( I listen to Max Lucado-so encouraging, funny and full of life). It’s your job to stay encouraged. Do not go down the road of self pity, it’s natural to ask the “why me Lord”, but don’t live there.
  8. Have a special time with your spouse, important for you and for your partner. Then have a “me” time to reflect on everything. A quiet time to meditate, love yourself, and love on God for always being there to help you heal, be strong, and be a blessing and encouragement to others.
  9. No stress and no worrying, you got this!!! You have a strong, calm, and balance mind. You have a magnificent spirit, you have wisdom, and an iron will to succeed in anything your hand touches. You are an overcomer, a champion, and you will not allow anyone or the devil to steal your joy❤️.


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    Thank you. This note helped me a lot.

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    I like your positivity. I was feeling sad, but your joy for living pumped me up.