Is it possible for a certain type of prostate cancer to generate a reactive lymphocytosis?

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Of course I know that this is probably outside of the scope of this forum. I am not a doctor first of all.

Maybe its just a coincidence.

Anyway here I go.

I have never had before high lymphocytes numbers in my life....always their absolute numbers in the 1700, 2500 etc ..high neutrophils, yes, I also have Crohns.

Early last year I started a TNFalpha biologic for Crohns, after a few months I developed a moderate Lymphocytosis. It did not go away. They tested me for everything and then sent me to the hematologist. Good news....Lymphocites were NOT monoclonal, they were reactive, and it was kind of mild, their absolute numbers never went higher than 6000.

The ones that were high were the T cells CD8 killer cells according to the flow cytometry. They went up and down and they usually went up from a low of 4000 just before the TNF alpha infusion again up to 5000, 6000. The CD4/CD8 ratio was also inverted, less than 1. The neutrophil vs lymphocyte ratio also was inverted. lymphocytes absolute numbers always out of range and normal neutrophils absolute values.

But the lymphocytes never went down back to a normal range.

I stopped the TNF alfa biologics and they went down to the high 3000, low 4000....well better than 6000 but anyway they were out of range.

Fast forward.....I got my RALP. last month....after that the Lymphocytes went down from the mid 3500 to 2500....normal range.....!!!...just like that.!!! in a week

Last week the Lymphocytes went down even lower to 1700.

Just a coincidence?? .....probably. But it is strange.

They went down just like that. Either I had an infection in my prostate or the immune system or maybe the CD8 Lymphocites were battling this particular cancer? I don't know if that may happen, since I read somewhere that the Prostate cancer is not treated very much with immune therapy. So maybe there was an infection in the prostate. But it seems to me it is somehow related to the prostate. Maybe different types of adenocarcinomas react in different ways?.....this one did not generated a lot of PSA, it was small, it was not seen in the 1.5 T MRI (although it was seen in the 3T mri) .....and I already had focal EPE.

I know....too many variables in this equation. Probably just a coincidence.

Anyway the important thing now is to watch the PSA to stay low and to get Crohns under control.

I am glad that I got rid of my prostate . And also that I got rid of the lymphocytosis. It bothered me that it was always there no matter what I did. Not anymore.

Life will be good!!!!