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Hello, everybody

I've been away from this forum for quite some time. Reason: I felt I was spending too much time thinking about cancer and needed to get away from it. Even now, six years from diagnosis, I still get a weird feeling in my gut if I think about "it" too much. I guess I still have some healing to do:)

Anyway, I wanted to give a quick update. I had my regular scans earlier this month and they came back all clear. In fact, since it's been six years since my diagnosis, my doctor would like to schedule scans for every two years. As part of the watch protocol at Mayo, they monitor a patient for 10 years. So, I'll have a scan in year 8 and then again in year 10. At that point (if all is clear) I'll be considered clear.

Take care!



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    Congratulations Stub I know what you mean being on here to much

  • stub1969
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    It's a wiggly tight rope we walk...at least I do. I don't shy away from talking about my cancer and supporting people that are going through it. But, I can't focus on cancer too much or I'll get caught up in some weird feelings. It's hard for me to explain...it's just the way it is.

    Thanks for your note, Mmoses!


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    Congratulations! All the best for the future

  • Biner
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    I am very glad that everything is fine with you, it’s right to forget about cancer, especially if it’s an early stage. God forbid you never see it again.

  • stub1969
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    Biner--That is the struggle I'm working through. I don't want to forget, I just want to dull the fear, disbelief, and anxiety that comes with the realization it happened to me. Cancer was certainly a curse--I hated what it did to my sense of normal and my sense of indestructibility. But, it was also a blessing. Cancer has a way to shake the sh*t out of you and put things in perspective. I'm much better at taking in the moment than I was prior to diagnosis. I'm a better dad, husband, son, and friend--all because of cancer.

    This tug-a-war of curse vs. blessing is what I wrestle with.

    I do appreciate your comment. Stay well!


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    Good news Stub.

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    hello stub, i am glad you came back. i am 75 and currently faced with making a decision if i should have my cancerous kidney removed. i am having a difficult time making the decision because i feel i am too old. this all started with bladder cancer last year, after surgery and on going chemo into bladder (i have dealt with those ok), they now find it in my kidney. i need to know how have people dealt with this..kidney removal?, radiation?, chemo? my urologist only says surgery to remove. do i need to be seeing an oncologist. i'm unloading i know, so many questions and no one to talk to. thanks

  • Bay Area Guy
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    Hi suep. While I don’t have any experience with this issues you describe (I had a small lesion removed in a robotic partial nephrectomy), I would encourage you to go to a urologic oncologist. I was fortunate enough to be referred to an excellent one at Stanford Healthcare. He or she would be able to discuss any treatment alternatives with you given the concerns you have.

  • suep16
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    thanks bay area guy, will do

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    This right here....what you is exactly what I feel and haven't been able to really put it into words. Thank you

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    Very glad to hear about NED, Stub!

    My husband was the one having cancer. But he doesn’t think about it at all, lucky guy! It is me, hypochondriac, who was constantly worried. His cancer was 8 years ago, NED now. So we are 2 years ahead of you. And let me tell you, it does get better! Even I, having health anxiety, do not think about it anymore! Only some time before the scans. And this positive shift happened couple of years ago. So I think you will definitely see and improvement with every passing year!

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    Congratulations Stub! We all know what it is like thinking too much about cancer, and it is a luxury to be able to take a break. But it is always good to know our friends here are doing well!!

    Enjoy the summer!

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    Hi Stub glad to see your name here again. Congratulations on NED here's to many more. Totally understand about taking a break from cancer talk. Bless you!

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    I know this is a few months old, but I just logged on for the first time in a few months and just now read this.

    Stub, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I feel a huge debt to everyone here for helping and supporting me when I was first diagnosed, but at the same time, logging on and revisiting a cancer diagnosis over and over was starting to wear me down. Anyways, just wanted to say that you're not alone in feeling that way.

    Hope you and your family stay well!