Renal Fat Necrosis - 2 years after ablation

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I was dx w/Breast Cancer in 2019. Right before starting chemo, a small mass was discovered on the outer edge of my right kidney. After chemo/radiation for BC, I had a biopsy of the kidney mass and the area ablated. The mass was felt to be a 'benign neoplasm' and was totally ablated. I see Urology every 6 months for scans, and all were clear until the last one, 2 months ago. The area that was ablated now shows a grouping of bubble like masses, one over 1.2 cm and hanging off the edge of the kidney into the space between the kidney and the liver. The scans were reviewed by the Tumor Board at the cancer center, and their belief is that I have a Renal Fat Necrosis in that area, likely a consequence of the ablation. Instead of waiting for a 6 month re-screen, I will have one in 3 months. I can find very little information about Renal Fat Necrosis, other than it mimics cancer and is typically removed. Has anyone else experienced such a thing? I can find VERY little information about this. Thank you.