Wilm's Tumor

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Hi! I'm new here and new to this idea of reaching out to other cancer survivors, so I was hoping to connect with someone who had Wilm's Tumor as a child. I was diagnosed at 9 years old and am now 27. I went through intense treatment and am lucky to be alive (as we all are, I'm sure!). I just wanted to connect with others who have had long-term physical/mental/emotional affects of childhood cancer.

Thank you!


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    Dear Wilms tumor survivor,

    Congratulations on the beginning of your journey as of survivor of 9 years. I can try to help you out with whatever you need to know. I am a survivor of wilms tumor for more than 58 years diagnosed at age 3. I will tell you this you will have great high and great low. Make sure you get copies of all your medical records this will be important in the future.