Pancreatic cancer and symptoms that lead to a diagnosis

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Can some please give me some advice, I have had stomach problems for the past year, and pain in my back. What was your symptoms before being diagnosed with cancer? What city was your diagnosis and did you need insurance? Can someone please help?


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    Hi kenrodd,

    Thank you for reaching out to your American Cancer Society's Cancer Survivors Network.

    Please reach out to us at ACS's National Cancer Information Center. You can call our toll-free number, 1.800.227.2345, where Cancer Information Specialists are available around the clock every day of the week to speak with you. You can also utilize the Live Chat feature Monday through Friday between 7am-6:30pm CST on

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    I had small twinges of pain in my spleen and sharp pain across my shoulder blades for almost a year. I was diagnosed with stage 2 on July 21, 2022 after having extreme pain in my left side ( scale of 1-10 a 20). You would probably be wise to see a doctor just for peace of mind.

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    signs and symptoms of pancreatic cancer vary depending on the location of the tumor. Tumors that develop in the head of the pancreas tend cause symptoms earlier as the tumor sometimes compresses the bile duct or presses against the celiac nerve bundle. In my case the first symptom I had was a darkening of the urine and went to the doctor after it did not resolve in three days and having increased the amount of water I was drinking. While waiting for the test results I developed jaundice and gastritis when eating food and had very mild back pain between the lower shoulder blades.

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    Sounds like what I went through. Was misdiagnosed for 2 month after a developed a horrible rash that was itching so much .then I developed jaundice and my stool was almost white.

    After a biopsy that was inconclusive the CT scan showed a very small tumor and it had reached over the Bike duct. The oncology surgeon if course wanted to do the Whipple procedure . It was a horrific operation with lots of complications but it saved my life. I am still healing from this operation..please go and have it checked out. If it is pancreatic cancer did not let it spread in your body. The prognosis is not good once it has spread!