MM with Secondary Cancer

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My dad was diagnosed in 2013 with MM, this is his journey in a nutshell... .

He has the additional complication of 17p deletion. In September 2014 he undertook a stem cell transplant but has never gone into remission. Over the years he has been on every drug on offer but still never got remission. In 2021, dad was diagnosed with a secondary cancer, squamous cell carcinoma under his right ear. He underwent sergury in October 2021 to remove a tumor as well as his ear/ear drum/lymph nodes etc. Afterwards he had 5 weeks of radiation. Unfortunately the squamous cell cancer is now back in his head. He is currently on monoclonal antibody daratumumab. Ironically, his MM is responding well but the squamous cell cancer is aggressive. He will soon start immunotherapy for this. He will be starting on nivolumab immunotherapy within the next week or two. We are nervous of the side effects. 

Has anyone completed this immunotherapy? Any advice would be greatly appreciated x