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Well, my best friend / roommate was just officially diagnosed with metastasized lung cancer. She was coughing up blood clots on the 5th of July. Went to the emergency room who told her she had cancer. Just like that. They found it in her lungs and liver. Non cancerous lump in her breast. She has been working from home as she doesn't have energy enough to go to work. I have been taking care of her when I get home from work each day. I just lost my brother to cancer last week. This is very hard for me. She keeps yelling at me like things are my fault. I know she doesn't think this diagnosis hurts me but it does.


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    Does your roommate have friends and family close by that can come spend time with her. It sounds like you need some time to grieve your brother but we're thrown right back into the mix with your roommate. Sorry to hear of your situation! When my wife has not been sleeping well and is in extreme pain from chemo or the cancer she can get mean as well, I know it's not my fault and she just has too much to process and she is in pain. It doesn't make it easy to deal with. Try and find a cancer support group that meets in person or online or a friend or family member you can just vent to without judgement. No excuses for your friend but I know my wife and myself were a complete mess of emotions when she was diagnosed in January this year it's a lot to take in for her and for you. When my wife is really mean I tell her so and walk away for a while. Gives us both a chance to reflect.