Pelvic MRI with contrast... 2nd opinions

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Are there any Radiologists in Colorado, USA that will read my MRI from Nov 2021 and compare it to my 2017 MRI? I believe this is called getting a second opinion.

Imaging company#1 said no, because their radiologists do not want to "Step on anyone's toes"

Company number 2 said they just cannot do that sort of thing...

I feel like I got my toes stepped. But each company would do a new mri and make comparison.



  • skelly31
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    Is there any risk associated with getting MRI's... multiple MRI's over time?

  • Danno99Advocate
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    I have never heard of any risk with getting MRI's. I have had 3 MRI's & 3 Biopsies.

    Hope this helps!

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    There appears to be a 'brotherhood' among those (Colorado) MRI specialists.

    Do you have the MRI reports; if so, you could at least compare them.

    Perhaps an academic center will be of a broader mind regarding this issue.