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Hi I’m new here. Found this board while googling too many things about what to expect with kidney cysts. So, I found out about 2 weeks ago (after going to er for some intense pain in my side) that I have a mass on my left kidney measuring 9x9x6. I was sent to a urologist who further explained that I had a complex cyst consisting of a variety of water filled, protein and some that are potentially cancerous. I was referred to another urologist/oncologist to see where we go from here.. so now I wait 2 weeks for that appointment. I’m really nervous, a little scared and not sure what to expect.

not really sure what to expect from this post but thought I would share what I’m going through.


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    Hi tigerliones. I must admit that I’m not sure how to respond to your post, as my experience was totally different. The good thing is that you’re switching from a urologist to a urologic oncologist, so you should be able to get some better answers. I’m not certain how they got the dimensions of your cystic mass. But if it was not done with a CT using contrast, I’d guess that’s the first test the urologic oncologist would have you take. If you already did take such a scan, then the urologic oncologist will likely be able to discuss just what it is you have and how best to treat it if, indeed, treatment is even needed.

    One think I’d suggest, and it’s based on bitter experience, try as much as possible not to consult Dr. Google. Between old information, contradictory information and just plain inaccurate information, you’ll drive yourself crazy. I know because I did that when I was diagnosed and it made me crazier than I already was.

    Just know that treatment options have improved dramatically over the years. There are people here with much more experience with those treatments than, thankfully, I had to experience (my treatment was a small chunk removed via minimally invasive robotic surgery).