Kras mutation. Second line of treatment not working

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Dear All,

As a mentioned in my previous post, my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colorectal cancer back in December 2022. She started with FOLFOX but after 4 rounds she was fully constipated and had to had surgery to place a stomach bag. After that, she was moved to FOLFIRI and she had already 6 cycles. The sides effect were really manageable. Last Saturday, she had her scans and we have not heard back from the Doctors still, but on Sunday we brought her to the hospital because she had signs of infections and a pain in her low part of the abdomen.

We just had a conversation with her oncologist, but it seems the her cancer has continued to grow. They don't have the full report, but according to the CT scans they recently did it seems that this is what is happening. The doctor said this is expected due to her KRAS mutation. At this point I feel, they are only following standards procedure, and don't feel much hope. They have not given her surgery, because she is not candidate. I am a little lost and don't know what to do. So I was wondering if any one has any suggestion on what they have done for this type of cancer mutation.

I appreciate from the button of my heart any information.


Andres Biondi


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    SnapDragon2 Member Posts: 657 Member, check it out. Click on resources for study papers going back decades about high dose IV vitamin C killing cancer with kRAS mutation. And other things that attack kRAS.

    I take IVC 2x per week at 75grams.

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    Thank you so much for your information. Do you know if this has any negative effects while on chemotherapy?

    Also, have you seen any positive responses?



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    G6PD test is required before taking IVC to make sure you can take it. Other than that only good results.

    Yes, it can be taken along with chemo treatment. I did it while on folfox and still do 2 1/2 yrs later now along with maintenance chemo xeloda.

    I also take ivermectin per my intergrative onc to make the cells HOT so the xeloda and IVC can get in there for better kill.

    I have not had any side effects of chemo (folfox or xeloda) and give credit to IVC. So far I am still clear of cancer on scans.

    Back read tanstaafl's accounts/experiences about his wife, a stage IVB who is now cancer free after docs gave up.

    There are extras that can buy time and make quality of life much better when on chemo so do some research and talk about it with the onc. Have your study papers with you to back you up on what you feel would serve as good adjuncts.

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    Another excellent site for first hand experiences is colon talk. Check it out.

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    Thank you so much for your information. My mom is in the UK and even though the general treatments are free and I don't need to worry about ht insurance part. I feel that the doctors have given up. They only follow the standard procedures, and if it does not work then that's all. I don't think they are been aggressive enough, and they don't want to even consider operation if they don't see enough shrinking. I understand why it is difficult for the liver, but for primary cancer, I still don't understand why they won't take it out.

    Anyways, I will definitely bring your information up to the onc. I have found a couple of papers that talk about some of the benefits of high-dose vitamin C. I will show it to him.

    I have one more question. Do you have experience with AVASTIN? I am thinking of putting my mom on that. It is not cover by the NHS, but I am willing to put the money to give it a try. Here in the US, I think a lot of patients get their chemo with AVASTIN and have seen some results.

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    No Avastin for me. It was brought up but I refused.

    I take alot of things per my ND and integrative based on independent research papers.