Long-term side effects of cobalt radiation therapy

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Calisurvivor asks the following:

Where are all the long range side effect survivors of cobalt radiation? I was diagnosed with Hodgkins in the mid 60's in california. after a few cobalt radiation exposures i was clear and here i am now, however, the long range side effects are suddenly all catching up with me. Anyone find a doctor who knows about what to do about these side effects? stem cells? near infrared therapy? i am going downhill at an alarming rate and need help, but there are absolutely no doctors interested in researching options. any suggestions, anywhere in USA is ok, or the world for that matter. Thanks.


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    There are some occasional appearances by long-term Hodgkin's survivors with late effects from treatments.

    You may also want to look at other areas of these forums, such as here:

    Really long term effects of cobalt radiation?

    KM25Dec 27, 2008

    Following the surgical removal of a medulla blastoma (base of brain), I received cobalt radiation treatment to kill any remaining errant cells. This happened 40 years ago. Since then, life for me has been fairly "unremarkable". During the past half dozen years however, I have slowly lost control over the coordination of my legs and sense of balance. Conversations with a neurosurgeon and a professor of neurology (UCSF) revealed that the most likely cause may be that adjacent, health neural cells also deteriorate about 40 years after being exposed to radiation.

    Anyone have similar or other symptoms after this many years?

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    It seems there are now such things as "Late effects clinics". I believe it may be worth your while to read through those posts. I hope you can find some answers and solutions to your current issues.